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Dead SpongeEdit

One Day i was watching tv when i was watching tv something struck my eyes a new episode of spongebob was coming on i was really excited 5 minutes later the episode came on it started like no other but the colors were distorted the title read dead sponge i was confused but i kept watching it first started out spongebob waking up he went down stairs to have breakfast after he had breakfast he went to boating school this was just a normal episode but i was wrong you will figure out now sponebob told to himself todays the day i get my license so mrs puff and spongebob got into the boat car spongebob drived wrecklessly avoiding all obstacles hitting a pole with realistic blood splattered out and brains out mrs puff was the only survivour spongebob wasnt it went to commercial after commercial the scene was at a funeral all of spongebobs friends was there including squidward they trough flowers at spongebobs grave the episode ended i never saw that episode again

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